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Yesterday I wrote about:

a) the fabulous weather we've been having
b) getting my first sunburn of the season, a burn that had already faded, and the fact that I probably wouldn't burn the remainder of the year
c) my excitement over DATE NIGHT with my hubs

Twenty four hours later and:

a) it's pouring down rain.  POURING.  And thundering and lightening and there's, like, an 80 billion percent chance of this continuing the rest of the day.  AND my  husband didn't drag the trash to the curb this morning which means Imma have to do it at some point.  In the rain.  And thunder.  And lightening.  That has, like, an 80 billion percent chance of continuing the rest of the day
b) I got burned AGAIN yesterday.  It was SO PINK too!  This morning it's mostly faded but still.  Is this a sign that I'm getting old? 
c) I realized that a DATE NIGHT that falls on St. Patrick's Day means every place is going to be way crowded with drunk people including chicks who are like 0.034% Irish and wearing shirts that say "Everyone Loves an Irish Girl" and "Kiss Me!  I'm Irish!"  Also, my wardrobe choices will be decided by leprechauns. 


A few weeks ago I was asked to post some pictures of me at my heaviest.  I've been putting it off and putting it off.  Because . . . well, I'm not 100% sure why.  To be honest, I'm not really embarrassed by these pictures.  It's who I was.  I don't look at the pictures and think, "that's disgusting" the way I've seen some people talk about their "fat" pictures.  It mostly just makes me proud that I took control of my weight and my  health.

Before I even post one single picture just let me say this: early last year, I joined a weight loss group on Facebook.  I needed to knock off my holiday pounds (I do a good job of maintaining my weight but I refuse to not enjoy the holidays to the fullest!  I've written about that before) and thought the group would be good inspiration.  And it totally was!  But, at first, I almost left the group.  Why?  Because people were posting things like, "I feel chubby at anything over 120" and "I'm really at my best at around 130."  Ya'll.  I have never in my life weighed 120!  Or even 130!  Okay, okay -- maybe in junior high.  It was hard for me to realize I was in a group with people who had a starting weight that was my goal weight.  But you know what?  When it comes to weight, it's all relative.  A number on the scale that looks good on one person might be too thin on another person -- and vice versa.  Of course, you can get too extreme on one end or the other.  But it's really about what feels good ON you and TO you.  That's the weight that matters.

The '05 picture is so HORRIBLE.  OMG.  What the wha wha was I DOING?  This was the only picture that was even close to "full body" that I could find. 

Check it out!  I've been doing The Drink Picture since [at least] 2005!

Oh, look!  Found another full body picture:
To be honest, I would LOVE to have those boobs back!  But I can't stand how full my face gets when I pick up weight.

Hell-o, Boobage!

2005 was such a rought year for me!  I moved back to Arkansas.  I left a job I loved for what I could find.  I ended up in a job where I not only sat on my butt most of the day but was also extremely stressful -- leading me to run to the Sonic next door almost daily.  I wasn't exercising much.  I have always been an emotional eater and that was a very emotional year.  I gained around 35 pounds just in 2005!  For comparison purposes, here I am in 2004:

It's really scary how fast I packed that weight on!

I think one blessing of becoming a parent is that I realized I had to take control of my health.  I owe it to my children to BE HERE for them.  Believe me, I was not healthy when I larger.  My blood pressure was too high.  I have a family history of Type II diabetes and heart disease -- both things that carrying extra weight doesn't help with!  My children also deserve a mom who sets a healthy example.  I hope I can teach them to make wise choices, indulge every once in a while, STAY ACTIVE, and just be all around healthy people.  Most of all, I want them to be happy with who they are -- regardless of whether they weigh 130 pounds or 230 pounds.  As long as they are happy and healthy, that's what matters.  And having a positive self image about ME and MY BODY even though I know I'll never be 130 . . . that's the best way I can teach them that.

Just for fun -- here's one (I think) I've showed before.  This was when I was pregnant with Kyan, one month after he was born, and when he was eight months old.  I lost almost 75 pounds within this time frame!

P.S. I love, love, love to talk to people about weight loss and offer hints and tips.  Really.  I sort of wish I had done Weight Watchers the "right" way (i.e. going to the meetings and everything instead of just using stuff I found on the Internet) so that I could be a leader now.  I guess I just . . . I feel so great (physically, mentally, and emotionally) right now compared to the place I was in before and I want other people to feel that too!  Anyway, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or even shoot me an email (via the contact tab).
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