Thursday Things


1) Back when I was in high school (or maybe even college), I was in the kitchen helping my grandmother with dinner.  She rattled off everything she planned to fix and I volunteered to make the biscuits.  I asked, "So, where's the can?"  I thought she was going to beat me!  Yeah, her idea of fixing biscuits was not to pop open a can, put 'em on a pan, and then shove them in the oven.  To this day, I'm more likely to either take the easy way (i.e. opening a can or something previously frozen) or just not deal with bread at all.  The other night, however, I made 7 Up biscuits to go with our dinner.  They didn't taste like Popeye's or KFC biscuits but they were still pretty darn tasty.  Definitely one to make again.

2) I know I talk about the HORRORS of four-year-olds quite a bit.  And, believe me, four year olds are the stuff horrors are made of.  But it's also a really cute, really loving age.  Kyan is just a little less than two months away from his fourth birthday.  That stank attitude is present and accounted for.  He's developed this pesky little habit of not telling the truth (Ugh!  I hate that one!  Lying is sooooo disrespectful and I'm trying so hard to nip it in the bud).  He's telling our business to anyone and everyone.  The other day, on our walk, he told some random woman how much I weigh!  Suffice to say, that child is not allowed anywhere near when I step on the scale from now on.

So, he has all of that rotten-ness make up the fours.  But he's also ... funny.  I bought a box of Lucky Charms when I went grocery shopping (St. Patrick's Day, yo!) and he calls them "Monkey Cheers."  And he's just so so so so so so so loving these days.  He says, "Hey, Mommy, I need to tell you something.  I love you!"  He wants hugs and kisses roughly 34939383838529384923 times a day.  I'm trying to soak it all up and bottle it for when he's a teenager and only grunts at me.

3) Our weather has been BLISSFULL.  Perfect Spring Break weather!  Remember the football field behind my house?  The one I bitched and moaned about when they were building?  It turns out, it's the perfect place for little bits to run off some energy and for Mama to get some exercise.  We walk over there with a football or soccer ball and the kids play while I walk around the field a few times. 

FYI: When I was in Dallas back in September, I might or might not have flirted pretty outrageously with a waiter who turned out to be underage.  Hence the "I love High School Boys" shirt I sported in New Orleans.  Some of my girlfriends think it's funny that I walk around a middle school football field.  I assure you I had no alterior motives!  It was all for the exercise!  And, besides, I waited until the soccer team had finished their practice to go over there.  Swear it.

I also got my first (and hopefully only) sunburn of the year yesterday.  Thanks to my Chickasaw (Choctaw? I need to brush up on the family history) ancestors, after my initial burn (which is already gone this morning!) I usually just tan.  Of course, now that I've said that everything will change and I'll end up a lovely shade of lobster all summer long.

4) I feel like I've tried just about every "diet" trick in the boox -- except one.  I'd never before made boxed brownies by substituting apple sauce for the oil.  Wellll . . . I did this week.  And I'd say they were a hit -- I caught Karis dragging her chair over to the counter so she could climb and reach them!  The apple sauce did change the texture just a little bit but they were really good.  And only about 100 calories each.  Yum!  Later this week?  Imma conquer some 100-calorie cake balls.

5) Eddie and I actually have a babysitter for the weekend!  We're going to get to celebrate our anniversary (next Wednesday) and WE GET TO GO OUT WITHOUT ANY CHILDREN.  This is major, ya'll.  We had planned to go to Texas de Brazil.  That's our place!  And they usually send a coupon for buy one meal, get one free on an anniversary.  Wellll.  We got the coupon this year and it's only for a free champagne toast or free dessert.  Boo.  I feel like an asshole for being irritated about it.  I mean, how many restaurants give a meal for free for an anniversary?  But I am irritated.  I wanted that free meal!

6) Can we all please hold hands and pray that Peyton Manning will sign with the Titans?  Then can we once again hold hands and pray that I can find a babysitter for a weekend that Eddie is off work so that he and I can go to Nashville and watch a game?  Kthanks.

7) Kyan informed me the other day that this is his "favorite song ever:"

8) Today is the first day I've felt "normal" (and not turned off my "get yo' ass up and work out alarm) since the time change.  It's not quite 9:00 and we've already eaten breakfast!  This is huge considering on Monday it was nearly 10:00 before we even started eating.  Why can't it just stay Daylight Savings all year?  Most of us would rather have the daylight in the evenings anyway.  And that way, every parent of small children wouldn't have to yell, "this time change can suck it!" twice a year.
9) My baby - MY BABY - will be TWO just three weeks from today.  My baby!  She now says "tank you" instead of "shay-shoo" and "waffles" instead of "fwa-fwas" and she calls Jaidan by his name instead of just "Buuuuub-ba."  She wears my shoes all around the house and picks out clothes she wants to wear and goes to the pantry and grabs out of it whatever she wants to snack on.  She's . . . OMG, I can't believe I'm gonna SAY this . . . a little girl.  
10) I am really missing Pinterest.  I am.  Just a little over three weeks and I'll be back, baby!  But this -- this made me LOL.  IT IS SO ME.
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