NOLA 2012: Saturday


We started planning for this trip practically the minute last year's trip ended.  We really got down with planning it around September when we put our deposits down on our rental house.  And in the few weeks leading up to the trip it was pretty much ALL we talked about.  We went a little Groupon Crazy and ended up having our Saturday super packed with plans.

Plans being the keyword.  I think I did precisely ONE thing we purchased a groupon for!

The day started out, for four of us, with brunch at Frank's.

I'll write more about Frank's in my food post but let me say this now: If you eat anywhere in New Orleans, you MUST eat at Frank's.  We went last year and I knew I had to go back this year to once again eat some of their out-of-this-world crab stuffed mushrooms.  EAT THERE!  You won't regret it.

After Franks, we wandered around the French Market, eating more then headed back to the house to meet up with the rest of the girls.

Saturday was Tu Tu Day!

Saturday also happened to be "funny/ inappropriate t-shirt day."  Here we have:  I'm Drunk So You're Cute, I Love High School Boys, Guess Where I'm Pierced, and I Used to Care but Now I Take a Pill for That.  (I need to find that pill!)

Since we hadn't just stuffed ourselves silly, we headed down to Bourbon Street to find more eats.

We ended up the Nawlins Cookery where Mari and Becky had their first ever raw oysters.

The original plan for Saturday evening had been a fancy dinner followed by a Burlesque Show. We purchased groupons for the dinner and were a little short so three of us decided to sit it out.  (I was a little relieved -- I really wanted to just wear JEANS!)

So while most of the others set out for dinner, Becky and I headed over to Bourbon Street.  We ended up at Pat O'Brien's where I forced Bex to get a hurricane (doooods.  You cannot go to Pat O's and NOT GET A HURRICANE).

We made friends at the bar -- including with this lady, who was celebrating her 50th birthday, and her family.  They were from Baton Rouge.  Her son was wearing an LSU hat.  So you KNOW what I had to make him do . . .
I want to point out that: the man standing next to the birthday girl was not with their group.  We met him at the bar as well.  When we told him about my shirt earlier in the day (the one that read "I Love High School Boys") he offered to introduce me to his 17-year-old son.  Score!  Also, I love the way that jacket adds at least 50 pounds.  Suck it, Jacket!

We had and before long it was time for us to leave for the burlesque show.  On our way out, though, we ran into a bachelor party from Phoenix.  They needed a picture of the groom-to-be being kissed by two girls at the same time.  We gladly obliged.  Then I kissed everyone in the group.  Cause I'm generous like that.  Yo.
This guy was my favorite

We were a little early to the burlesque shows and, by that point, the hurricanes had set in.  And I wanted somebody for Becky to make out with.

This guy was happy to oblige.  Unfortnuately, Bex wasn't feeling his 70's porn mustache (fake) and his friend kept trying to shove HIS tongue down MY throat.  "DUDE!  I AM MARRIED!"

No pictures from the show (for obvious reasons) and afterward a few of us headed back over to Bourbon.  We met these guys along the way:
That's Fetus and Woman Thighs

They were both Marines from Portland.  Fetus had a drivers license that declared him to have been born in 1991.  I have my doubts, however, that he was a day over 15.  Woman Thighs got sick, threw up on a bar, and was quickly ditched by Fetus and another of their Marine friends who joined us. 

They hung out with us for most of the evening.  We hung out at a bar called Yo Mama's until finally making our way back to the house around 3 am.

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