Thursday Things


1) The winner of the MyMemories giveaway is *drumroll please* Jess!  Congrats, girl!  (Pssst.  The rest of you can get the MyMemories Suite for $10 off by using this code: STMMMS29798).

2) It's January.  It was 25 degrees outside the other morning.  Z went back to school on Tuesday.  The kiddos and I are trying to get back into some kind of schedule.  We did great on Monday.  The rest of the week so far has been kind of . . . well, I guess I'd give us a C.

3) Some pictures from New Years Eve:

We did not go anywhere.  Hi, I have three children.  I think it's probably easier to nail jello to a tree than to secure a babysitter for New Years Eve.  We dressed up because . . . well . . . dressing up is fun.

I bought this dress on clearance about a year ago for $7.  $7!!  This was the first time to wear it (even though I have a red one just like it that I wore in Vegas in 2010).  I like it.  I don't like so much the way it accentuated the fact that I'm starting to develop one of those long, flat old lady butts.


Somebody tell me what to do to keep from developing one of those long, flat old lady butts!  I'll do anything!  Except run.  And squats.  And lunges.  Never mind.  Somebody just tell me where I can buy one of those Booty Pop things.

Aren't you glad I posted THIS one and not the crotch shot picture?  Yeah.  Thought so.

4) Karis will be two exactly three months from today.  She's entered into her Terrible Twos a little early which is much expected.  I'm not sure why they even call them Terrible Twos.  Basically they should just call a child's entire existence from 20 months to 5 years exactly what it is: a nightmare for their parents.

Yesterday morning she tore the arm off of a (new) baby doll and was hitting me with it and yelling, "Hi-Yah!  Hi-Yah!"  I guess this is what happens to little girls who have older brothers?  She also insists she can stand up to use the bathroom and made me put Toy Story underwear on her the other day.  I cannot wait to remind her of these little moments when she gets older.

Oh!  The kid got three - count them 1-2-3 - purses for Christmas.  She wants nothing to do with any of them.  However she found my Coach wristlet the other day.  The only thing Coach I own, by the way.  And THAT is the purse she loves and wants to carry around.

5) One of my resolutions for 2012 is to get my house organized.  I thought I'd start out by following this plan.  But the first week is kitchen sink and countertops and it tells you to determine the function of your kitchen.  That sounded like way too much work for me so I just organized my pantry:

and called it a day.  Week.

I feel the need to point out that those chips?  My husband.  (Seriously, the kids and I are on a zero junk food regimen).

Also, I know it might not look organized to you but that's because you didn't see it before.  Believe me -- this is like WOAH.

I think next week I'm going to tackle the junk drawer in the kitchen (hold me) and the week after that it'll be the laundry room.  I have to, have to, must get into my bedroom closet at some point.  And I'd prefer to do it before I go to New Orleans so I can take clothes and shoes for my girlfriends to go through.

6) Wanna know the quickest way to lose me as a follower on your blog?  Send me an email just because I happen to be a follower.  Apparently, WordPress and Google Friend Connect are doing something funky and people are going to lose their followers and they're freaking out and filling up my inbox with "newsletters" that are not newsletters but rather pleas to keep following them.  Two words: Bitch please.

7) Last night at dinner Kyan was telling us how the girl next door (12-13ish) was his girlfriend.  Out of curiosity I asked the boys, "Do you know what a girlfriend is?"  Jaidan: "Yes, it's a girl that somebody loves a lot."  Okay.  So I asked, "One of these days, when you have a girlfriend, are you going to kiss her?"  Jaidan: "Ew!  No!  All I'm going to do is have dinner with her."  Ha!  Love that kid.

8) Am I the only one who had never heard of Rick Santorum prior to Tuesday?  Also, you know when you Google something you just have to put in a few letters and it suggests things for you?  If you google his name to make sure you're spelling it correctly, the second thing that comes up is "Rick Santorum scandal."  Hmm.

9) Sometimes I think about getting really, really fat.  This is generally only for the two hours every Tuesday that The Biggest Loser is on (yes, I still watch it!) and only because . . . mmm . . . Dolvett, he of the unforunate name, whipping me back into shape.  He is totally the perfect remedy for the loss of Girl Crush Jillian. 

Does anyone else watch?  Maybe a teensy bit of sexual tension between him and the girl who used to be a body builder?  Or do I just have an overactive imagination?

10) Cotton Bowl tomorrow.
Go Hogs!
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