It Happened This Week


The last time I really did anything with my hair was December 13, 2009.  I only remember the date because it was the day after my nephew was born.  And my husband was so anti-short hair that I waited until I was out of town to cut it.  I chopped off 15 inches and donated 12 to Locks of Love.  I don't regret it per say -- I mean, I definitely don't regret donating.  But I've realized that short "mom hair" doesn't look good on me and I'm not going above the shoulders again.  It's a pain in the ass being as long as it is but I'm pretty determined to keep it this way.  I hate getting a trim because I'm always afraid they're going to take too much off and I'm going to be left with super short hair that accentuates my Fat Girl Face.

Anyway.  Last night I dreamed that Pat Sajak cut my hair!  I have no idea if he'd had "two or six" margaritas at the time but it was too short and I left the barber shop in tears.  PEOPLE.  Why am I dreaming about Pat Sajak?

Enough about that.  Here's a look at our week, the last full week of January (*happy dance*):

Sunday 1/22:

Monday 1/23:

Tuesday 1/24:
Doesn't that grass look LOVELY?  *Sigh*

Wednesday 1/25:

Thursday 1/26:

Friday 1/27:

Saturday 1/28:
Special thanks to my camera for making my floors look even nasty than they already do.
Believe me, my floors are far from being anything you'd see in any magazine ever.  They are vinyl - "white" vinyl (WHO had the great idea of putting a white floor in a kitchen?) - and I would love to rip them up.  However.  They are nowhere near THAT disgusting looking.

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