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I haven't done a Pinterest round up in awhile.  This one is mainly recipes because . . . well, because it's January.  Enough said.  I could never homeschool because of the month of January (and also because I'd probably end up in a pretty white room with nice padding on the walls).  We'd never do anything that month.  Forget summer vacation -- we'd have to take January and February off.  Therefore I will ship these children off to public school when the time comes so that someone else, hopefully someone less lazy in the winter months, can train them up just right.


Ranch Roasted Potatoes - You know something?  I didn't even like ranch dressing until I got pregnant with Karis and wanted it on everything.  (Seriously, my monthly visit-ah wasn't even late yet but I knew something was going on when I poured ranch on my SCRAMBLED EGGS.  No lie).  But, mmmm, I love me some ranch now!  And, even better, is the dry ranch dressing mix.  Oh, sweet mystery of life.  That stuff is proof there is a God and He does love me.  I made these for dinner two Thursday nights in a row (I guess Thursday just feels right for ranch potatoes . . . ) I used the regular ranch seasoning the first time and they were soooooo good.  Jaidan ate SO MANY of them.  The second time I used the fiesta ranch.  They were still really good but Jaybird and I both preferred the ones with the regular mix.  Z said the fiesta ranch ones tasted like fries from a restaurant.  Suffice to say, we love this recipe and it'll probably be a weekly staple on our menu.

Christmas Crack - I obviously made this at Christmas.  Saltine toffee seemed to be all the rage this year and I decided to try this particular recipe.  It was the easiest one out there.  Here's the deal-io: if it seems almost too easy then it probably is.  It never did set and it just . . . it wasn't that good.  I'll be trying Christmas Crack again next year but it'll be with a different recipe.

Cheeseburger Ring - Made these for dinner for the kiddos the other night.  Jaidan LOVED them.  Like, begged me to make them for lunch the next day type of loved them.  Kyan and Karis ate the meat out of them (what kind of weird ass kids don't eat crescent rolls?).  When I make them again, I'm going to add in some onion.  Oh!  And I omitted the pickles because I knew my picky 3-year-old wouldn't touch them if he saw pickles in them!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal - Mmmm.  No bake cookies are just about the best.thing.ever.  As soon as I stumbled across this recipe I wondered why *I* had never thought to make a no bake cookie type of oatmeal.  This oatmeal was . . . okay.  It took a lot of sweetener, though, and I really prefer the usual way I make it -- with brown sugar and cinnamon.

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas - I originally pinned these as "kid food" but decided to eat some myself for dinner one night.  I never thought about using a muffin tin to make a deep dish pizza!  Each little pizza was all sauce-y and flavor-y and just nom, nom, nom

Apple Sandwiches - These were lunch for the boys one day -- I left out the raisins and granola; just apples as bread with peanut butter spread between the slices.  They thought they were really neat and requested to have them again the next day.  Which means this recipe = success.

As far as non-food related things -- we also did this The Snowy Day printable pack, made these for our New Years resolutions, and decoded site words with a little watercolor fun.  None of which I have pictures of because it's January and I'm lazy.

And that's pretty much it for the past few weeks.  Happy Saturday!  Go take a shot every time you see the "Tebow" in your Facebook feed and you'll be white girl wasted in no time -- that always makes your average winter Saturday better.
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