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You know how in, like, July you'll write down the date one day and be all, "Is it seriously ALREADY July 15th?  We're already halfway through the month!"  You never do that in January.  It's always, "Is it really ONLY the 15th?  Is this month EVER going to be over?" 

I hate January.  And it's a deep and burning hatred.

I really love outdoor exercise.  And by "exercise" I mean pushing my double stroller through the neighborhood.  No running or hiking or any of that mess.  I like to get out, take a walk, and get some fresh air while spying on my neighbors.  Yesterday it warmed up to a balmy 52 degrees -- which felt like we were residing in the tropics after the past few days.  So I put jackets on Kyan and Karis and the three of us headed out for a stroll around the neighborhood.  Real talk: it is absolutely amazing what a little (windy) fresh air can do for your mood.

Here's a look at our week:

Sunday 1/8:

Monday 1/9:
Holy crap, I love this kid.
The doctor asked him, "How old are you man?"
Kyan - "I'm three!  And my Mommy is 31!"
Thanks, Dude.

Tuesday 1/10:

Wednesday 1/11:

Thursday 1/12:

Friday 1/13:
Another Kyan-ism:
The boys were playing in the play are at CFA with two or three other boys.  I heard Jaidan, "Let's play a game!  It's called No Girls Allowed!"  They played a little longer and I walked over to check on Karis who was playing close to them.  A little boy said, "It's a girl!"  Kyan said, "That's not a girl.  That's just my Mommy."

Saturday 1/14:

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