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So you can now link up Pinterest and your Facebook account so that EVERYTHING you do on Pinterest shows up in your Facebook feed.  I allowed Pinterest to do this because I wasn't paying attention and just clicked the "try it now!" button because they didn't have a "yeah, yeah, whatever" button.  Turns out, when you have this feature, your Facebook friends can see all your Pinterest activity.  So if you pin something with the f-word in it and your grandma is on Facebook then *gasp* she will know you pinned something with the f-word in it.  It also means that you can see someone left a comment on the comment you left on someone else's pin of Pinnacle whipped vodka.  And if you've had a glass or two of Moscato (even though you swore you weren't drinking again until you went to New Orleans) it might confuse you a little bit.  Not that I speak from experience or anything.

I saw this on Pinterest this week (I didn't repin it because I don't like to pin things that make me feel old):

Holy MEMORIES, Batman!  I had that one in the peach dress (was she peach blossom Barbie or something?), the one in the white, and most definitely the one in the blue thing.  I remember that blue thing pretty vividly and somewhere in the recesses of my mind is a memory of her in a red Barbie car under the tree on Christmas morning.  Good times . . .

Part of me can't wait for my daughter to be into Barbies -- I'm not one of those "NO BARBIE EVER" moms.  Barbie was my favorite toy growing up.  I cut her hair and lost her shoes and, since I only had a brother, played lots of "Barbie Meets GI Joe."  Sure, she's disporportionate and blah blah blah but why would I deny my daughter the joy of playing with them? 

The part of me that can wait for her to get into them is the part that purchased some for our angel tree child this past Christmas and realized how much Barbie costs these days.  HO-LY CRAP.

Anyway.  Onto pins I actually tried this week.  I've been good on keeping it lazy in 2012 but I do have a few to share.


Skinny Baked Potato Soup - This.Is.Good.  Really, really good.  You can't taste the cauliflour and it has a nice, rich flavor to it.  Kyan even ate it!  That is HUGE.  Jaidan and Zhariah both went back for seconds.  Plus, it was filling enough that one cup of soup was plenty for me.  This is one soup recipe that is most definitely a keeper!

Secretly Healthy Chocolate Cake - If you're getting ready to pop a cake into the oven and start to question whether you should add some white sugar . . . that's probably not a good sign.  This cake was . . . not good.  We piled Cool Whip on top and it still was not even edible.  I ended up throwing it out.

Lasagna Rolls - People, this is a look at my dinner the night I fixed these:
That entire plate was just 365 calories!


The lasagna rolls are sooooo good.  I did deviate from the actual recipe -- I broke my noodles in half before boiling them (so while I had two rolls, I only had one noodle).  I made mine meatless and I measured the cheeses and sauce exactly to keep the calories down.  The lasagna rolls were fantastic.  Eddie declared them a keeper and both Karis and Zhariah threw down on them.  They will definitely be added to the dinner rotation.

As far as non-recipe related things:

I tried this to make my house smell heavenly.  Ummm.  It made the two foot circumference surrounding my stove smell okay but, yeah, other than that?  No.

Kid Stuff:

The boys made penguins and polar bears.  Here's to hoping my January Fog lifts next week and we DO a little more!
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