It Happened Last YEAR.


It's over!  So long '11!

Confession: I actually wrote this post Friday night (save for a couple of pictures) because I figured I would be too . . . tired . . . yes, that's it, tired . . . to write it all out this morning.  I was right.  Last night was crack dip and crack bread and beer weenies and cayenne pretzels and club pinwheels and wine and whipped cream vodka.  Which means this morning is tired and tired and headache and bloated and tired and tired.  Fun.

Here's a little look at the last two weeks of 2011:

Sunday 12/ 18:
You know what I want by this time next year?  A big girl camera!  One that doesn't blur or leave weird glares on pictures.

Monday 12/19:

Tuesday 12/20:

Wednesday 12/21:

Thursday 12/22:

Friday 12/23:

Saturday 12/24:

Sunday 12/25:

Monday 12/26:

Tuesday 12/27:

Wednesday 12/28:

Thursday 12/29:

Friday 12/30:

Saturday 12/31:

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