The End.


Put on your party bras, girls, it's the very last day of this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year!  2011 is just hours away from being Over with a capital O and I could not be more excited to see 2012 on the horizon.

Even though the world might end.

And even though both Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry have the prospect of being elected president before the year runs out.

And, oh snap, even though we have an entire eleven months worth of political ads to look forward to.

Poop.  Maybe I'm not so excited to see 2012 on the horizon.

Since it's a new year and all that means it's time for *drum roll* resolutions and goals.  Here are mine:

1) Lose the holiday pounds.  Blah, blah.  Same every year.  I have been eating like an asshole for a week now and refuse - refuse! - to step on a scale until I have a week of Slimfast and rice cakes under my belt.  So I'm not exactly sure how much I have to lose but I'm thinking more than five, less than ten.  Except I may go ahead and lose another five beyond that since I go to New Orleans in SIX WEEKS and plan to eat my way through the French Quarter.

2) Decorate my house.  I mean, I've only lived here since 2009.  I've only been waiting on the walls to be painted since right around the time Karis - who was born in April of 2010 - was born.  It's time to embrace the baby poop yellow of the walls and just decorate.

3) Organize.  Blah, blah.  I think the resolve to do this each year lasts until about January 4th.  So we'll see.

4) I want 2012 to be the last year I buy diapers.  Ever.  I realize this depends more on  Karis than me but I'm determined.  Since she's no longer a newborn we go through a box of diapers about one every three weeks.  This is 17 boxes in a year at a cost of $20 a pop.  Which is almost $350 I could be spending on something else.  Like a plane ticket to Vegas. 

5) Make my husband clean out the garage.  "The garage" has been a resolution since 2009.  Yes, even before we actually moved to Memphis.  We have a history with garages.

6) Do at least two craft projects a month.

7) Project 366.  I've done it for the past two years.  I can do it again.  This year I'm also going to add this element to it.  (Sorta). 

Happy 2012!  I'll leave you with my favorite P365 pics from the year:

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