Thursday Things


1) Last Wednesday it snowed.  This past Wednesday?  It was nearly 75 degrees.

I hope it stays that way.  You can keep your white Christmas.  I much prefer a rather mild one.

2) Eddie and I had an actual date the other night.  As in, we left the house without the children.  Christmas miracle fo' real, ya'll.  Would you like to know what we did?  Well.  We had dinner at Chili's (where we had a 20 minute wait even though it was a Tuesday night which was actually better than the wait at Buffalo Wild Wings because apparently people in southwest Tennessee are all about them some fitty cent wings) and then we . . . we . . . went to Walmart!  I know, right?  You're all seething with envy at the super hot date we had wherein we walked around Walmart and purchased stocking stuffers for our children.  If I was writing this on Twitter, I'd tag it with #oldpeople.

3) That little shopping trip also finished up our purchases for the child we selected off the angel tree.  We're not doing angel tree next year.  Not because I have any issue with the program but because my husband sucks at it.  Those items listed are not suggestions!  Gahhhhh.  A doll means a doll.  Not a stuffed animal.  We actually had a conversation centered around stuffed animals in the middle of Walmart. Eddie asked me, "Why do you have such a problem with stuffed animals?"  Um, hi.  Because I'm a MOM and because I know that kids generally tend to have 934092384092 stuffed animals.  Of which TWO actually get played with.
4) Things that irritate me: when people either don't buy any gifts at all for babies or merely re-wrap toys they already have.  I mean, it's one thing if you don't have money.  It's another if you're just being an asshole because "they won't even remember."  I'm not even sure why I care . . .

5)  --- That definitely made me feel old.

6) I got my boys snuggies for Christmas this year.  JUDGE ME.

7) I have a cold/ sore throat type thingy.  The last time I had a cold/ sore throat type thingy right before Christmas, I actually lost weight.  I took a Zyrtec before bed last night.  Not only did it not help but I had those weird dreams I have whenever I take any medication at night and I didn't even sleep it off.  So, this morning, I feel just as icky as I did yesterday and I'm still tired from the medicine.  Fun.

8) My computer has decided it would be fun just to move the cursor to random places in this entry.  So if you see something like this "my computer has decided it would we put our Christmas tree" then blame it on my computer.  I'm trying to keep up with the Great Jumping Cursor but I'm not sure how successful I've been.  And I hate proof reading.

9) I bought little tiny size 2 panties the other day!  I'm not crazy.  I swear.  (My daughter might be, but I am not).  Monday morning Karis ran into my bathroom, shucked her pants and diaper, and stood at the toilet.  AND RAISED THE SEAT!  She thinks she's a boy!  I pulled out our small training potty for her.  She'll strip and sit on it but, so far, that's about it.  She's only 20 months so I doubt she's really ready.  But Imma be prepared if she is!  Her oldest brother pretty much trained himself right when he turned two.  But her other brother?  Good Lard.

10) Every single year.  Trying to find a gift for my husband:
WHY are men so hard to shop for?
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