Thursday Things


1) My blog is in the process of undergoing a makeover.  I was tired of the old look and wanted something more clean and simple.  Well, it's definitely simple right now!  The header is temporary until I can come up with something I like.  It works for now.

2) I was so tired from the weekend on Monday.  And my house was a Disaster.  So instead of hitting the after Christmas sales I decided to be lazy.  Only being lazy turned into getting the house back in order (somewhat).  In other words, I wasted a day where I could have been shopping and spent it cleaning.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?  I went to Walmart and Hobby Lobby on Tuesday and everything was picked over.  I did get some things like wrapping paper and gift boxes at Walmart.  I found some cute decorations at Hobby Lobby -- only spent $26 since they had all their Christmas 66% off.  Score!  Just wish I'd gone on Monday when I could've gotten a lot, a lot more bang for the buck.

3) Eddie is back working nights sometimes.  (He had been on a special assignment [which sounds a lot more cool and mysterious than it actually was] and had only worked two or three nights since July).  Karis is NOT LIKING the fact that he's here during the day . . . sleeping and therefore not playing with her.  It's become a full time job trying to keep her from busting in the bedroom and yelling, "Wake!  Daddy!  WAKE!"

4) What are your plans for New Years?  I'll have a working husband and a house full of kids.  Aren't you jealous?  Storme is coming to town.  We're going to wine to drown out their whines.  Chuck the dueces to 2011 when midnight rolls around and celebrate the beginning of a year that has to be better than the previous.  Also, there will be a lot of eating.  And did I mention wine?

5) I ordered prints from Snapfish a couple weeks before Christmas.  They were shipped on the 17th and when they still hadn't arrived as of Tuesday I sent an email to customer service.  They gave me a full refund and are re-shipping the prints.  SCORE!  Gotta love that kind of customer service.

6) I had an idea during our Holiday Baking and Making Day last week.  (Why does it feel like it was weeks and weeks ago and not just seven days?)  I made up a batch of brownies (from scratch!) then mixed up some peppermint bark and spread it on top of them.  It was pretty good!  Jaidan absolutely loved them.  I think he's the one who ate a majority of them.

Speaking of Baking and Making Day, here's a look at all the goodies we made:
We did sugar cookies, peppermint bark brownies, Christmas crack (that didn't turn out so great), Hello Dolly bars, two kinds of fudge, peppermint bark, chocolate covered Christmas crackers, cake balls . . . I don't remember what else.  Yes, it was way overboard.  Way.

7) Santa brought one big for all the kids.  And by all the kids I mean even the one who's in his 40's . . .

By the way, it's no longer in the living room.  Right now it is . . .wait for it . . . RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FRONT DOOR.  We're waiting to move it upstairs to the toy room but in order for it to fit in there we have to take the couch out.  Fun times.  Maybe it'll be upstairs by, say, Labor Day . . .

8) I'm trying to have a more positive attitude about the month of January this year.  It's not going to suckIt's not going to be bitterly cold.  It will NOT snow.    Think it'll work?  We'll see.  January is pretty much all that stands in the way of me and New Orleans.  I leave six weeks from tomorrow!  Oh, January, please speed it right on along.

9) Made these as part of dinner last night.  I had made them before but honestly forgot just how delish they are.  I use provolone instead of swiss cheese.  But, mmmm, yumm-may. 

10) Irony: after busting my ass for about six weeks at the first of 2011 and losing 10-15 pounds, I am once again RIGHT BACK WHERE I STARTED.  I don't want to lose as much weight as I did but I do need/ want to knock off about five or so pounds before I go to New Orleans.  So January 2nd it'll be back on the wagon.  Boo.
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