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So before any DIY or crafts or kid stuff or anything else I have to tell you the awesome deal I snagged last night.  The awesome deal that meant Christmas shopping for my kids is DONE.

Unless, of course, I happen to wander into the Disney Store some time in the next two weeks and absolutely HAVE to buy something with Buzz or Woody or a Princess on it.

Anyway.  Eddie went to Toys 'R Us Thursday evening and picked up the kids' "big" gifts."  In doing so, he got a $30 gift card.

I took the $30 gift card last night and did a little bit of online shopping: bought two sets of bath toys for Karis (buy one, get one 50% off), a game for Zhariah (clearanced to 50% off), and NINE Crayola products for stocking stuffers.  They have Crayola running on a buy one get TWO free.  I was able to buy 24 packs of Crayola and get things like twist up colored pencils and dry erase crayons and bath crayons for free.  My total for nine Crayola items (and only three of these were the 24 boxes of crayons) -- $4.23.  That's more than what anything other than the crayons cost originally.

Also, all of this stuff?  I STILL HAVE MONEY LEFT ON MY $30 GIFT CARD.  That deserves all caps.  Basically I got the kids at least two stocking stuffers each and finished up Christmas presents for FREE.

Um, yay.

Now, Pinterests!

Kid Stuff:

Paper Plate Christmas Tree - Ours turned out nothing - NOTHING - like this one.  But Jaidan did most of it himself and I thought he did a pretty cute job!
Names on Lights
Handprint Tree - Jaidan's on bottom, Kyan's in the middle, Karis on top

I pinned this yesterday and decided to try it right away.

It's a block of ice, salt, and food coloring.  People.  Jaidan could have done this all day long!  I told him I would buy more salt just for this project.

I discovered ScienceBob via Pinterest and tried two of his projects this week.

We did the milk trick:

Kid Food:

We made these cute little reindeer snacks:
That one on the bottom . . . he's special.

And also these cute little reindeer.  It's been a reindeer type of week.

Christmas Stuff:
I made an ornament wreath!  It's really, really cute -- except I should've sprung for something a little more expensive than a $2 bow.  :/  It won't be hung until I get another bow.

Fun Idea:
I made this!

I love it!
I bought the frame at Walmart on Black Friday for about $6.  The scrapbook paper probably totaled about $3.  All in all, the project cost less than $10 to make.

In honor of today's Heisman trophy presentation (RG3!!!), I'll leave you with this.  It encompasses way too many of my friends who consider themselves Red Sox/ Patriots/LSU/Ohio friggin' State fans:
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