It Happened This Week


Threeeeee more weeeeeks till Christmas!

We made our first batch of peppermint bark yesterday and, true to form, I can't stay out of it.  I feel like I'm doing better than last year because I'm actually working out every day but I still see a January full of dieting in my future!  There are just too many yummy things this time of year.  I'd rather live on apple slices and water for the first six weeks of 2012 and have my fudge and peppermint bark and frosted sugar cookies now.  Ahhhh.

Here's a look at what we did the past couple weeks:

Sunday 11/20:

Monday 11/21:

Tuesday 11/22:
Getting all four kids to cooperate in a picture?  Impossible.

Wednesday 11/23:
I hate when the only picture I get from a day is something blurry

Thursday 11/24:

Friday 11/25:

Saturday 11/26:

Sunday 11/27:

Monday 11/28:
You can't tell but it was dark in the bathroom.  My kids LOVED this!  They thought it was the coolest thing ever.
And, P.S., Baby Girl's face?  We had chili for dinner!

Tuesday 11/29:

It started snowing Monday night.  We had almost none left on Tuesday morning.  But Jaidan HAD to go touch it.
Funny story:  Eddie picked Zhariah up from her game Monday night.  Whey they got back to the house, he told everyone that Z had hit him with a snowball.  Jaidan was already mad at me because I wouldn't let him go play in it (I'm mean, it was nearly 8:00 at night, he'd already been bathed, and we are very unprepared clothes wise for winter precipitation).  He crossed his arms, put on his pouty face, and said, "I wish I was Daddy!"  Why?  Because then Zhariah would have thrown a snowball at him.  Goofy kid.

Wednesday 11/30:
Note: this is the only thing this contraption is ever used for.  The Dining Room Pirate Ship.

Thursday 12/1:

Friday 12/2:
Few things:
1) By the time this decorating session was all over and done with, I WAS READY TO SHOOT MYSELF.  I had all these ideas in my head of Christmas music and hot chocolate and holiday spirit.  Well, it was too warm for hot chocolate and the kids were being assholes.  I told them next year I'm just doing it BY MYSELF.  I'm lying, of course, but jeez.  I went out later that night and had a pitcher of margaritas because DAMN.
2) Kyan dressed himself.
3) Eddie and I bought our first Christmas tree together in 2008.  We went to the store and saw one decorated in all silver and gold with a bow on top.  Eddie wanted to replicate that for our tree.  I wanted a huge, gaudy, Christmas threw up on this tree type of production.  I went along with him because we were already sorely lacking in the ornament department and it just seemed easier to go with a theme other than "Christmas Tacky But WONDERFUL."  Now it's the fourth year we've done this scheme and I'm kind of over it.  Next year we're doing Christmas Tacky.  But I'm taking all these silver ornaments for my Razorback tree!

Saturday 12/3:

And a little peek at what we've done so far for 25 Days of Christmas:

12/1: Made lists for Santa (note: not one of these boys is getting a SINGLE THING they put on their list)
12/2: Decorated the tree
12/3: Made peppermint bark
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