Thursday Things


1) I was going to post a rambly rant re: Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage and how people still throw around the whole "the sanctity of marriage!!!!!!!!" when it comes to gay marriage.  Really?  We let this celebutards get married to extend their 15 minutes of fame just a leeeeettle longer but we won't let two men or two women who actually, really LOVE each other get hitched?  Society.  Backward.

2) This Halloween candy needs to exit stage left.  Cannot.stay.out.  Just after 8am and I've already had a Snickers.

3) Yesterday was the third consecutive day that Karis did not take a nap.  Seeing as she's just one and a half, she's way too young to be starting such shenanigans.  Also, judge me if you will, but I am one of those moms who turns cartwheels and puts on mah happy face when any of my children are sleeping.  The boys don't nap anymore but they're three and five and can be entertained with other activities so that I can get in an afternoon workout or jump in the shower or wash dishes.  Karis has none of this whole being entertained with other activities bidness.

4) Would you judge me if I told you I'm already listening to Christmas music?  I'm still burning my pumpkin spice candle, though, so it all evens out.

5) Since Halloween is over (*sad face*) we had to take down our witch countdown.  This turkey has taken her place:
Poor thing looks like the Slow Turkey on the farm

We pull off a hand/ feather every day as it gets closer to Thanksgiving.  Mmm.  Thanksgiving.  Turkey.  Stuffing.  Cranberry Sauce.  Mmm.

6) Zhariah is reading The Outsiders in her reading class. I can remember it from my sixth grade reading class!  In fact, I liked the book so much that I bought it for myself and it has survived my numerous moves and mood shifts that caused me to list things on Ebay and Craigslist.  She was asking me questions about it yesterday so I decided to read it along with her to refresh my memory.  Ahhhh.  I love that book.

Also, speaking of Zhariah's reading class, she was rattling off their book list for the year and mentioned The Indian in the Cupboard.  Really?  I said something about thinking sixth graders were maybe a little old for that book.  "I know.  I read it in fourth grade.  But she wants us to read books that had movies made out of them."  Seriously?  It kills me that people like this have degrees and teach. 

7) Yesterday morning started out like this:
Me: Can you please watch the attitude?
Kyan: Welllllll.  I will if you give me some candy.
Me: It is 8:00.  In the morning.  You are NOT getting cady right now.
Kyan: Wellllll.  Then I'm just going to be a wittle turd!

8) You know the Kenny Chesney song "Out Last Night?"
One of the lines says:
Well last night I was everything
When I got a few drinks in me
I was a doctor, a lawyer, a senator's son
Brad Pitt's brother and a man on the run

I have learned this is my favorite thing to do when I go out: bullshit and see what I can get people to believe.  My personal favorite is seeing what I can get them to believe in regards to my ethnicity and who I'm related to.  In Dallas, I told a guy that my friend Dahlia and I were sisters and half Filipino.  In Vegas, Jenn B and I were former conjoined twins.  When Storme and I went out a few weeks ago, I was half Puerto Rican and half Irish.  I can't really explain why I enjoy doing this. 

The song also says: hittin' on everybody and their mother.  I know NOTHING about this.  NOTHING.

9) Time change is this weekend.  I HATE THE TIME CHANGE.  Not only do I hate that it gets dark at 5:00 but this means my children will be waking up an even EARLIER ungodly hour.  Somebody hold me.

10) I have felt like this several times this week:
Two more months and I'll successfully fullfill my resolution of NOT being pregnant in 2011.  Holla!

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