I Don't Wanna Talk About It


Finding a couple to "date" is one of the hardest things for us married people.  Or, well, for any people who are in a relationship and want another couple to hang out with from time to time.  You both like the girl and your man gets along with her man but YOU think he's a douchebag.  Or you like the couple but your hubby think's her laugh is the most annoying thing on earth.  Seriously.  Dating another couple is harder than just plain DATING.

This makes the fact that Eddie and I both get along with our friends Kira and Jon pretty extraordinary.  We have no couple friends in Memphis.  But when we go to Dallas - well, I like Kira and I like Jon.  And Eddie likes Kira and he likes Jon.  And the feeling seems to be mutual. 

So, really, if we were going to be in Dallas last Friday for The Big Game there were no other people I'd rather have shared the experience with.  And considering they have two bar areas in their house -- and a ton of liquor left over from their wedding -- hanging out with them at their place was the perfect choice.  Especially for that particular game.

The Big Game.  Arkansas played LSU.  Arkansas ranked #3, our only loss of the season to #2 Alabama.  LSU ranked #1.  Some truly unbelievable things have happened in college football this season.  Who could have predicted that a couple weeks ago three top five teams would all lose?  Needless to say, I really thought Arkansas could pull off the victory.  Two touchdown underdog?  We'll take it and WE WILL RUB YOUR FACE IN IT, TIGERS.  Not only did I think Arkansas could - and would - win the game but I thought Auburn could do us all a favor, knock off the Tide on Saturday, and Arkansas could go to the SEC championship game and then onto the national championship.  I had big hopes.

Too big.

The game started off in our favor and after the first touchdown, I had the bright idea of taking a shot after every Arkansas TD.

We only took one more shot after this one.

And then half one when we scored a field goal.

WHAT???  You don't let YOUR four-year-old in on a the shot toast?

The final score of the game was 41-17 and not in our favor.  I'm glad I had consumed a margarita or two.  And half a bottle of Moscato.  It made it much less painful.

And even though I don't wanna talk about that game, I still LOVE MY RAZORBACKS.  They shouldn't have dropped to #8 in the standings and it makes me want to punch a BCS official in the babymaker that they are below Boise State.  But they'll go to a decent bowl this year, they'll win, and next year WE WILL KICK SOME TIGER BUTT.
Woooo Pig Soieeee!

In the meantime, I'm going to hope for an SEC rematch in the national championship game and will be pulling out my houndstooth and getting my "ROLL TIDE ROLL" on.  

P.S. Look what it did at my house last night:
We have light flurries falling again right now.  Oh!  And it was 75 degrees on Saturday.  Welcome to the South!
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