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Before we get on to this weeks Pinterestings, let's talk about FOOTBALL.


Forget the SEC championship next month.  Forget what happens in January.  There is a good chance that tonight is the most important game of the season, that tonight IS the national championship.  For those of you who are unaware, LSU and Alabama - ranked first and second in the nation - meet up.  Tonight. 

Of course, I am an Arkansas fan.  Arkansas has one loss and that was to Alabama.  In my dream world, LSU beats Alabama then Arkansas goes on to beat LSU in a couple weeks. Then all will be right with the world and the SEC - and national championship picture - will get a lot more interesting.  So tonight I'm cheering for LSU.  And hoping that my Hogs can pull their heads out their collective asses and DO SOMETHING against South Carolina.  The past couple weeks have been nail biters.  And, while there's really no such thing as an easy game in the SEC, they should've beat Vandy by a whole lot more than 3 points and a whole lotta luck.

This is for you, Jess!  Geaux Tigers!

End football talk.

Begin Pinterest talk.

Some fun Thanksgiving crafts:

We made these cute little spoon pilgrims.

Note: They're frowny faced because, well, the Puritans weren't exactly known for being joyous people.  And they're clear because a) I only had clear spoons and b) I'm pretty sure the pilgrims were whiter than white.  ;)

This craft is neat because the kaboose link countains a pattern.  I mean, it's basically just rectangles and all but I love and adorea and appreciate anything that comes with a pattern.  This craft is notso neat because, well, glueing paper to plastic spoons?  Not all that easy to do.  Still, Jaidan was proud of his pilgrims.  Also, if you ask him why pilgrims came to the New World he'll tell you, "to eat!"  Goober.

We used these printables both to decorate our thankful box and to write down things we're thankful for.

Every day at snack time, the kids tell me something they're thankful for (so far we have things like food, Mommy, Daddy, Spongebob, candy . . . you know, the usual).  We put them in the box.  Then we'll take them out sometime around Thanksgiving and talk about everything we're thankful for.  That's the plan anyway.

P.S. Have you ever tried explaining thankfulness and being grateful to preschoolers?  Gah.

We also made The Mayflower!  I don't do paint (very often) so we used construction paper and made the clouds out of cotton balls.

I also gotta tell you - I just love the way my kid writes!  I realize it's typical five-year-old writing but, man, I think handwriting my kids at that age is just so cute.  Can handwriting be cute?  Well, his is!

We used a couple different preschool packs this year.  This one from Our Little Monkeys and this one from 1+1+1.  Honestly, I wasn't crazy about either one of these.  They were both kind of a little young for Jaidan.  I got Kyan to do a few sheets from the 1+1+1 pack and I can definitely say that they are more geared toward a 3-year-old/ early 4-year-old.  I wasn't crazy about the graphics used in the 1+1+1 pack (doood. How nit picky can I be?).  I prefer graphics that the kids can color in and this looks like she took pictures of kid's toys and then extracted them in Photoshop.  Just not my style. 

Turkey is a hard word to spell, ya'll!

But he finally got it!

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