It Happened This Week


Daylight Savings Time.  I'm shaking my first at you.  And muttering things about you under my breath.

Even though I knew better, I kept the kids up an hour later last night.   Well, 40 minutes later because they were getting on my nerves and I knew that final 20 minutes could mean the difference in my head exploding.  They usually wake up around 8:00.  OF COURSE the boys were up at 6:00 this morning.  Karis was up a little after 7:00.  So even with going to bed (almost) an hour later, no one got an extra hour of sleep.

I say it every year.  I will say it again.  I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.

I don't understand why time even has to change at all.  Why can't we just stay at one time - the time where it doesn't get dark at 5:00 in the afternoon - all year long?

Sunday is going to be interesting.  I see naps in the future.  Whether these little turds want 'em or not.

Now, on with our week!

Sunday 10/30:

Monday 10/31:
I really hate this is the only picture I got of all four of them on Halloween.  KY-AN!  Grrr.

Tuesday 11/1:

Wednesday 11/2:

Thursday 11/3:
Yes, my friends, we are at the toddler bed stage.
You know how other people have, like, three year olds still sleeping in cribs?  Yeah, no.  Everyone of my kids were moved to a toddler bed before age two because they are little monkeys who climb, climb, climb.  Last Thursday, on a whim, I decided to put Karis in the toddler bed in her room at nap time.  It was the first - and only! - nap she took all week.  So I put her in again that night.  Then the next night.  And the night.  She has had NO issues with the transition (at night anyway - naptime is a different story but that's just because she's flat out refusing to nap).  I put her down at night, she doesn't get out of bed (probably because she's so exhausted from not napping). I go to check on her a little while later and she's sprawled out like a drunk chick with one foot on the floor and her shirt halfway off.

Friday 11/4:

Saturday 11/5:
Zhariah was supposed to cheer at a basketball jamboree yesterday.  I was saving my pic of the day for that special moment.  We got to the jamboree a little while before her first game was supposed to start and the security guard (note: we did not have security guards at middle school basketball games when I was in middle school.  Times.  They are a changin') informed us that there was only two minutes left.  In the entire tournament.  Apparently they ran ahead of schedule, nobody called to let us know that Z would be cheering earlier, and we missed her debut performance!  I was glad, though, that I had snapped this picture in the wee hours of Saturday morning when I went to check on the boys and found them both snuggled up in Kyan's bed.

That was our week!

On a final note -- How 'bout them Hogs??  And, more importantly, thank you Alabama for missing that field goal and keeping our Razorback BCS dreams alive.  Much appreciated.  ;)
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