Hi. My Name is Brandi. And I'm a Hypocrite.


So, last year, Eddie decided he was going to get Zhariah an iPod Touch for her birthday.  She was turning ten.  I put on my "WTF" face and was all, "oh no, nuh-uh, not even."  I could not wrap my head around the thought of a kid THAT age owning such a pricey piece of technology.  She'll lose it, she'll break it.  She got one anyway.  She hasn't broken it.  I haven't seen it at our house in a while so I can't comment on the lost thing.  That's not really the point.  The point is: I was against the iPod because I tought she was too young for it.

Fast forward to now.

I am planning on getting my three year old and my five year old a pair of Driod tablets (or possibly one tablet to share) for Christmas.  Yes.  I threw a hissy fit over getting a ten year old an iTouch and now I'm getting tablets for my preschoolers.

I'm a hypocrite.  And I'm okay with that.  Especially if it means I will get to use *my* tablet every once in a while.  Cause the way things are going now I only get to touch it if someone needs my help finding Will I Am sing "What am I" with the Sesame Street characters on Youtube.
The hypocricy doesn't stop there though.  Oh no. 

I've been rather, ah, vocal about my disdain for Apple.  It's just not fair!  They only offered that little piece of technological gold known as the iPhone to AT&T customers for the longest.  SOME of us have husbands who refused to switch cell carriers just to get an iPhone.  And SOME of us ended up turning to Andriod.

I love my Droid phone.

I love it, love it, love it.  It does pretty much everything an iPhone does (with the exception of Instagram which makes me all pouty and stabby.  I WANT TO INSTAGRAM TOO). 

But  now Apple has come out with the 4S.  And it does things my Droid just can't do (Siri, anyone?)  AND it's finally - finally - available on Sprint!

So, do I?

Do I iPhone?  DO I GO AGAINST EVERYTHING I BELIEVE IN AND PURCHASE AN APPLE PHONE?  All I really have to do is say the word and it's my Christmas present.

Please advise.  Am I really ready to go to that level of hypocricy?
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