It Happened This Week


Man.  It's been a week and we really didn't even DO anything! 

Before I get on it with the pictures, let me tell you what happened yesterday.  I was getting the kids ready to get in the bath and Jaidan was nowhere to be found.  No big deal -- figured he was watching TV in Zhariah's room or playing in the toy room.  I called for him a few times.  No Jaybird.  Yelled louder.  No Jaidan. 

I went upstairs to look for him.  He wasn't in any of those rooms.  I came down to do the same.  Still no Jaidan.  By this point I was getting close to The Panic Stage.  Where was my kid?  I started looking in closets and under beds, calling his name, and wondering at what point I needed to start talking to other people.  I was pretty sure he wouldn't go outside without telling me and I was even more sure he wouldn't leave our yard if he DID go out.  I went outside and he wasn't there.  Did he go out without telling me and did someone scoop him up?  Why do we always think the absolute worst when it comes to situations like this?

Finally, I went into the house and yelled, "JAIDAN!  WHERE ARE YOU COME?  COME OUT RIGHT NOW AND I'LL GIVE YOU SOME CANDY!"

The little turd was hiding in a bathroom cabinet.  He was hiding from me.  I was so mad at him but so glad to see him all at the same time.  He's done something kinda like this before -- hid under his bed at bedtime -- but I was able to find him within just a few minutes.  In this case he was "missing" for what seemed like an eternity!

I threatened him to never, ever, ever do that again and it also led to a nice little talk about strangers and what not to let other people touch on you.

Anyway.  My drama for the weekend.  Now our week in pictures:

Sunday 11/6:

Monday 11/7:
Zhariah is the highest one, in the back stunt group
I asked for a Big Girl Camera for Christmas.  I'm pretty sure I won't get one (especially since Eddie has already told me what he's thinking about getting me) but it would be so nice to have for moments like this one.  My point and shoot just wasn't cutting it.

Tuesday 11/8:

Wednesday 11/9:

The Magic Ketchup Experiment
Jaidan was seriously so amazed by this!

Thursday 11/10:

Friday 11/11:

Saturday 11/12:

We spanked Tennessee last night.  Boise State and Stanford (ov-er-rate-ed) both lost so we are MOVIN' ON UP in the pools.  Should be a solid #6.   

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