Smell My Feet


With all the trunk or treats and "harvest festivals" (remember when they were just called Halloween carnivals?), does anyone ever really just trick or treat anymore?  But just in case you're planning on going out Monday night (or sometime over the weekend since, of course, we no longer even freakin' trick or treat ON Halloween anymore), here's a little repost from last year.
Enjoy!  And remember: Don't be an asshole this Halloween.
I. Thou shalt not leave your porch light on if you're not going to be handing out candy. Asshole. I realize that you want to see to put your key in the lock when you get home from your trunk or treat or hiding from all the little ghouls and goblins. But, um, hello. This is the one day out of the year that you KNOW excited little children go from door to door and expect it to be opened when your light is on. Use the garage light next time, mmkay? Sheesh.

II. If thou art over the age of 12, thou shalt wear a freakin' costume if you expect people to give you candy. Assholes. Come on, jerk. Head over to the dollar store and drop two dollars on a plastic mask.

III. If thou art over the age of 12 - and insist on trick or treating - thou shalt not try to scare my little people who actually are, you know, of trick or treating age. Assholes.

IV. If thou art over the age of 12 - and insist on trick or treating - thou shalt not hang out the window of a car wearing a Scream mask and make a crude comment about my badonkadonk. Asshole.

V. Thou shalt not ever, EVER, answer the door for trick or treaters with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. Asshole.

VI. Thou shalt control your brats and not allow them to run over other children (namely mine). Assholes.

VII. Thou shalt not hand out those crappy Mary Jane thing-a-ma-bobs. Cheap assholes.

And, finally, a new one for this year:

VIII.  Thou shalt not judge me if you notice my three-year-old's "costume" is his faded, too small Sheriff Woody pajamas.  He is very opinionated, ya'll!
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