You are Gonna Want to Pin the Hell Out of this Shit Because it's theGreatest Cleaning Secret EVER


I'm hoping you can all forgive me for posting a cleaning tip. Actually I'm pretty sure you will when you realize just how brilliant this is.

Let me tell you what happened.

The other day, the boys decided they wanted to "clean."  By all means, be my guest!  I gave them a couple of rags and sprayed some cleaner on them (I prefer the Clorox green stuff.  It smells good and it makes me feel better about using disposable water bottles and the occasional paper plate).  I let the boys go to town.  They swiped the rags over the kitchen floor and any counter tops and surfaces they could reach.

I did not clean a damn thing.  Okay?

When Eddie came home from work that night he told me, "house looks great!" 

Seriously?  I'm judging myself for not scheming this up sooner.  I didn't have to scrub toilets or mop floors and the house looked great?

So here's your cleaning tip:  Get yourself some cleaning spray, a few rags, and a couple of kids (I have a few you can borrow.  FOR FREE).  Saturate those rags with cleaning spray and throw them at the kids.  Then let them get to "cleaning."  It doesn't really matter what surfaces they're scrubbing. You're going after that good clean smell anyway.

Meanwhile, you can sit back and enjoy a cocktail and a Roseanne marathon.

Genius, I tell ya.  GENIUS.

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