It Happend This Week


These past three weeks have probably been the busiest of the year so far.  Fun but definitely busy.  This week is the first we've been home and we've had something - or created something - for every single day.  Yesterday I just wanted to lay around the house and enjoy my Faturday (I totes let myself eat like an asshole on Saturdays) and watch the SEC championship and maybe yell at my kids a little bit or something.  But it's December.  And that means laying around and enjoying Faturday doesn't happen very often.  Boo you, December!

The past few weeks:
My husband thinks he always has to rent a luxury car.
I'm glad we took this pic, though, even if those stripes aren't my friend, as it's the ONLIEST pic we took that whole day.  Fail.
This one wasn't taken by me or with my camera but it was such a good pic from that day that I had to use it!
Let me tell you about this fish cup.
We're on our cruise, we see a waiter with these cups, I ask him how much they cost.
Really? That's all? For that big fish full of pina colada?
Yeah.  There's a {pretty small} cup of pina colada inside that big fish.
Sucker.  Me.
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