Thursday Things


1) I mentioned earlier this week that we held Jaidan's birthday party on Saturday.  This was the first more-than-just-family party we had since he turned two.  I thought it would be fun to do a Halloween party and have all his little friends dress in costumes and do the thing where you blindfold them and stick their hand in a bowl of spaghetti and tell them it's brains.  The thing with 6-year-olds, though, is they don't care what you think.  He wanted super heroes and a bouncy house.  So that's what we had.

J's school makes it super hard - super hard - to invite classmates to a party.  They don't allow invitations to be handed out at all.  Because, you know, we have to bubble wrap our children and their emotions and can't allow them to ever feel any kind of hurt feelings at all.  *Stank Face*  Since J's birthday was pretty close to the beginning of the school year, we really didn't know any of his classmates.  Not too many people (six, actually) contributed to their class directory.  And, yeah, it was just hard to get the word out about his party!  I think between classmates and other friends we had around six or seven kids show.  Add in parents and big sisters and it was a pretty decent crowd.

All that really matters is that this ^ kid had a total blast.  Oh, and he was able to have his first ever at-our-house sleepover the night of his party.  I was sure - sure! - that the bouce house would've worn the little brats out and they'd sack out early in the evening.  Ha! They were up until after midnight. 
2) Speaking of the Birds . . . he got his first report card yesterday.  I'm so proud of this little booger!  He was meeting or exceeding expectations/ standards on every single criteria.  He received an exceeds expectations in classroom conduct.  I was torn between being all "THAT'S MY BOY! WAAA-HOOO!" and more like "Why do you have to bring all the assholery home with you?"
3) I really like the orange tangerine flavor of Mio.  Really like it.  They didn't have it at Walmart the other day so I grabbed the Walmart brand.  Ohmygerd.  NEVER EVER DO THAT.  So not good.  So can't get the taste out of my mouth.  Byuck.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.
4) I discovered the show Breaking Amish a few weeks ago and was intrigued.  Pretty much anything involving the Amish intrigues me.  I halfway paid attention to the show the first time I watched.  I happened to catch a marathon of it the other day and recorded.  People.  This show is so fake!  I felt like things were a little off when one of the guys was cussing.  Then I realized that, in the very first episode, one of the guy's family is being recorded.  I seriously doubt any Amish would agree to go on camera.  I googled and there are Facebook pages and message boards devoted to how fake the show is.  One of the guys has even been out of the Amish lifestyle for 14 years!  I'm so disappointed.  Eff you, TLC!
5) Took this the other day:

Love!  I'm so glad my kids have friends right here in the neighborhood to play with.  When we first moved here, there was only one kid relatively close in age.  Now we've had people move in and babies have aged a couple years and there's our own little neighborhood gang.

6) I don't know what's wrong with me but I just have not been reading.  I haven't even had the desire to read.  I read a book on my flights to and from Vegas but that's pretty much IT for the past month or so.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

7) Remember how I said that Karis always has to pick two random items to take with her every time we leave the house?  She seems to be partial to Mr. Potato Head's arm or ear and a pink block.  But the other day she had to take this:
Yeah.  That's an empty TOILET PAPER ROLL.  Seriously kid?  I mean really?

8) I made enchilada lasagna the other night for dinner.  I thought it would be pretty good -- it's basically just white girl enchiladas made into lasagna/casserole form - and, maybe, was I right.  This stuff was so good!  And it was still good for leftovers the next day as well.

9) Annoying: Shelby County, Tennessee (where I live, FYI) sounds tornado sirens for the WHOLE DAMN COUNTY when there's bad weather in the area.  The county covers nearly 800 square miles.  There could be a possible tornado in one area while there's merely rain in another.  They kept saying on the news last night, "you're not under a tornado warning.  Even though the sirens are going off, you are not under a warning."  Meanwhile, my kids were freaking out.  Grr.  So.annoying.

10) **Politcal but with a funny ending** The husband and I watched the debate the other night.  When Romeny was asked the question about fair pay for women I told Eddie, "Oh, THIS is going to be good."  How was he going to talk around his view on the Lilly Ledbetter Act?  Then he got condescending and I snorted but I never realized the "binders of women" would take off the way it did.  I saw so many funny memes yesterday.  My personal favorite:
Dead, dead, dead.

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