It Happened This Week


I made the colossal mistake Friday night of taking the boys to family movie night at Jaidan's school.

Oh sweet baby Jesus.

I'm not going to say never again.  But I am going to say not unless they serve beer and wine.

I've been around 32 years so you'd think, at some point, it would cease to amaze me the level of assholery parents will allow their children to possess.  Yeah.  I'm still amazed.  Novel idea: the FIRST time your kid runs in front of the projector and acts a fool then get in their face and let them know it's not okay.  The second time?  Take their bad little ass home!  Jeez.  It's not rocket science.  My kids may act all kinds of cray-cray at home but I will not put up with that shit - I won't! in public. 

Other than our "wild and crazy" Friday night, it's been a pretty chill week around these parts.  I didn't have any epic long nights in Vegas but I still came home all kinds of tired. I've spent most of the week trying to get over the weekend!  I'm pretty sure that's a sign I'm old because, seriously, my trip was really tame in comparison to years past!

A little look at the past two weeks:
She has started making this face and saying "I scurred!"
There is just too much handsome in my house.
Total photo fail for this day.  Had to use an Instagram!
Someone remind me to not ever pose like that again.
Also? I'd just spent, like, 12 hours traveling.  Ai yi yi.  Scurry.
We woke up yesterday morning and realized fall had made its way to the mid-south.  Brr.  I tried not to think about the fact that it was FORTY DEGREES COOLER than where I was the previous Saturday night.  *Sad Face*
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