It Happened This Week


It's tax free weekend in Tennessee.  No tax on clothing, shoes, school supplies, that sort of thing.

I went yesterday.

To Walmart.

Never again.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever. 

Did you know that a five-year-old will find a way to argue with you even if the only clothing you're buying happens to be socks and undershirts?  Did you know that Walmart sucks so much that the odds are good they'll already be out of things like number two pencils?  I mean, really . . . how is a store out of PENCILS before school even starts? 

Here's a look at our week:

Sunday 7/29:

Monday 7/30:

Tuesday 7/31:
I wish I could bottle this kid's excitement over kindergarten and bring it out when he's going into tenth grade

Wednesday 8/1:

Thursday 8/2:
And, all the sudden, she's girly!  She wants to princess dress and insisted I buy her a set of Barbies at a yard sale yesterday.  WHAT?

Friday 8/3:

Saturday 8/4:

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