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We spent last week in "kindergarten boot camp" mode.  Jaidan is my night owl.  If allowed, he can easily stay up until the wee hours of the morning and then sleep the morning away like a teenager.  Yeah, totally not going to work when school starts in a couple weeks.  My plan for the past week was to put him bed around 8:00 every night with a movie, turn the movie off at 9:00, and then get him up around 7:30 in the mornings.  We had a rough couple of days -- a REALLY rough couple of days.  However, he was snoozing well before 9:00 Friday night and the last two mornings he's been up during the 6:00 hour.  It's safe to say he's definitely getting adjusted to the early wake up.  But, seriously kid, chill with the 6:00 bidness on Saturday mornings.  Sheesh.
Here's a look at what we've been up to the past couple weeks;

Sunday 7/15:

Monday 7/16:
I cropped out a toddler sitting on a potty in this picture!  Ha!
Please don't ask me how the potty training is going.  Don't wanna talk about it. :/

Tuesday 7/17:

Wednesday 7/18:

Thursday 7/19:

Friday 7/20:

Saturday 7/21:

Sunday 7/22:

Monday 7/23:

Tuesday 7/24:
Why does he look half grown in this picture??

Wednesday 7/25:
This puppy was a Christmas gift from her MawMaw.  She did not like it.  In fact, she cried when she first saw it.  We were shocked because the kid absolutely loves puppies.  Fastforward seven months and she hasn't let the puppy out of her sight for the past week!  She loves it now!

Thursday 7/26:

Friday 7/27:

Saturday 7/28:

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