It Happened This Week


I wrote a post yesterday -- a fairly long post.  Threw in some Pinterest finds (chicken ranch tacos = too dry; devil's food cake with greek yogurt and pineapple bliss cupcakes = yes please .... and I'd really like to link each of those recipes but Pinterest is not cooperating with me) and told the story of taking my stepdaughter shopping on Friday.  She's 11.  'Nuff said.

I KNOW I published the post.  I KNOW I did.  Yet it's not showing up on my blog, I can't find it in my drafts.  I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO IT.  And it was a really good one too!  I totally pulled out all my best blogging talents for that ONE entry and now it's GONE.  Not fair.

Anyway.  Here's a little recap of our week:

Jaidan and Z fought.the.whole.entire.week.  Oh em gee.  You know how there are those asshole parents who say things like, "Well, I don't MIND summer vacation because I actually LIKE my kids and LIKE them being home with me during the summer."  Bite me.  Those are the type of parents I'd like to punch in the babymaker.  Summer vacation in my house means an extra kid around the house (most of the time) and it quickly turns into World War III.  Not.Fun.

I took Z shopping Friday afternoon.  She requested that I go with her because - direct quote - "you always pick out cute clothes."  Ha!  What she really meant was, "you are the lesser evil."  90% of what I picked up was greeted with either "ehhhhh" or "ewwww."  SERIOUSLY?  She also discovered the reason why we don't buy clothes at Hollister (and, for what it's worth, I felt like the oldest person in the world walking into that store.  Did it have to be so dark?  Did the music have to be so loud?  And while it didn't smell as obnoxiously douchebag as Abercrombie, they could have toned down the eu de frat boy a little bit).  We did, however, find some good deals at Aeropostale but I bought more for ME than for HER!  (What?  They had $5 tanks!)  Anyway.  The shopping trip most definitely required a bottle of wine by the time I made it home.  And just think!  I have THREE more kids who will go through the pre-teen years.  THREE more kids who will want to go shopping.  THREE more kids who will "ehhh" and "ewww" everything I suggest. 
A pictoral look at the week:

Sunday 5/27:

Monday 5/28:

Tuesday 5/29:

Wednesday 5/30:

Thursday 5/31:

Friday 6/1:

Saturday 6/2:

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