Thursday Things


1) We had a pretty low key Memorial Day. Went swimming then picked up some "chicken on the bone" (Kyanese for KFC. I very, very rarely cook with bone-in chicken so when we get KFC it makes for a super excited little boy). A few pics from the day:
I told Eddie that we NEED a pool in our backyard.  NEED.  Kyan and Karis both napped on the way to the pool - Karis even slept another half hour or so after we got there - and everyone still went to bed (on time) and, man, did they SLEEP.  Let me reiterate: WE NEED A POOL.

2) I made a "weight watchers" strawberry pie the other day. One package of sugar free jello and one package of sugar free vanilla pudding boiled with two cups water. Remove from heat and fold in strawberry halves. Then pour into a reduced fat crust and chill. It was super easy and pretty good! 

3) I read Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster a couple weeks ago.  At one point in the book, she talks about how her mother made "strange" healthy food -- before it was cool to make "strange" healthy food.  Sometimes I wonder if my kids are weirded out by some of the stuff I make.  I think I have my answer because the night I served the strawberry pie Jaidan asked me, "is this a real food?  Like, do OTHER people eat it?"  Ha!  I think I'll have to make some regular old fatty mcfat fat brownies - with eggs and oil and no black beans -- today. 

4) Here are the #instamay pics from the past week:
5/24 - Just Woke Up
5/25 - My Boss
5/26 - Friends
5/27 - Shoes

5/28 - Made me smile
5/29 - Keys
5/30 - My hood

5) OMG, YA'LL!  Jessica Simpson weighed *gasp* one hundred and seventy pounds while she was pregnant with her daughter.  170!  OH, THE HORROR!

Dear Jessica,


Someone who weighed 213, 216, and 198 respectively

6) We booked our room for California last night!  We went through and were able to save $150.  So I guess this means this is for real for real.  I'm really excited.  We have a jam packed 10-days (we'll be in Cali for six nights) and lots of family and friends to see, things to do.  Can't wait!

7) Best app EVER alert: I'd Cap That.


Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Just download this app RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

It puts random captions on your pictures.  Some examples:

We call ourselves "Whore Island' and it generated "glass case of emotion?"  COME ON!

8) I had to stop myself from leaving a blog comment about 50 Shades of Grey the other day.  Like, I got all rant-y and rage-ful and the post wasn't even ABOUT 50 Shades.  Every time someone says they like the series, I want to give them a swift left hook to the ovary.  Bad thing is, most of my girlfriends love the books.  I'm the odd man out.

9) I got a free sample of a Crystal Light mocktail in the mail the other day.  Of all things they sent me the appletini flavor.  I'm not a big fan of fake apple flavored ANYthing.  And this stuff?  Oh.My.Gosh.  It was so bad!  Seriously -- imagine fake apple flavor with fake sugar.  I think I'm going to throw up just thinking about it.

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