It Happened This Week


First week of 2012 is over and done with and so far so good.  Hogs won the Cotton Bowl, I lost two pounds, and . . . well . . . nothing shitty has happened.  Score!

I can't believe that I've done two years of Project 365!  It's so neat to be able to go back and look at pictures taken on a random day in 2010 or 2011.  I love it.  This year I'm adding a new element to the project:

Every day I'm jotting down a few sentences on a note card about what we did.  (Thus far it's pretty much been a whole lotta nada).  I'm going to put them in a box with the pictures, ordered by date.  I think it'll be a fun thing to look back on.

Something that has nothing to do with this post: after exclaiming in my post on Friday about how much I hate Zumba, I decided to give it a go again yesterday.  On the Kinect, in the privacy of my own living room.  NOT in a class at a gym in front of, you know, other people (the horror!).  I decided to give it a try again for a variety of reasons but mainly because you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour.  I lasted 35 minutes, almost 300 calories, and today?  My BACK hurts.  Of all things.  Not my legs.  One of my arms is a tiny bit sore.  But my back hurts.  As my Kykers would say . . . what in the what what?
Here are the very first pictures from 2012's Project 366:

Sunday 1/1:

Monday 1/2:

Tuesday 1/3:

Wednesday 1/4:

Thursday 1/5:

Friday 1/6:

Saturday 1/7:
I'm not sure you can tell but that's an open faced taco (tostada?) with lettuce hair, tomato eyes, a sweet pepper nose, and a mouth made out of cheese. 

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