Thursday Things


1) It's Baking and Making Day!  The kiddos and I are getting into the kitchen and making all manner of holiday goodies and treats.  We're gifting a few of them to the neighbors.  And the rest?  We're going to inhale.  Oh come to Mama.

Did you know Nestle, apparently, no longer makes the pre-cut sugar cookies?  Bitches.  Last night I mixed up a batch of sugar cookie dough.  Now I'm just trying to decide if it's worth the head ache to let the kids roll them out, cut out shapes, and decorate them.  Hold me.

2) I got my first Christmas gift in the mail on Monday!

My girlfriends and I did Secret Santa and this was my gift from my girl Michelle.  She knows me all too well!

3) I understand that I'm probably supposed to be offended by this but I'm not.  And I found it friggin' HILLARIOUS.

People!  Pat Robertson!  It's not making fun of Jesus.  It's making fun of Tebow!  And it's pretty darn funny.  At about 2:12 is where I laughed the hardest.  Oh, and the part about Tom Brady being God's nephew.  And "Dad Bless Him."  Ha!  It's just a funny skit.

Oh, and on the Tebow vein: I just wanted to throw out that most of us who can't stand him?  Those of who are SEC football fans and have had him shoved done our throats since he was Tebowing at Florida?  His religion has nothing to do with why we don't like him!  We don't like him because he has been shoved down our throats since he was Tebowing in Florida!  Seriously, peeps.  My friend Lesley said something a few weeks ago about making a drinking game out of taking a shot every time a sportscaster says "Tebow."  You'd be drunk by the end of the first quarter!  No matter if you were watching the Broncos or not!

Also, we pretty much can't stand him because of you bandwagon jumpers who've decided you big puffy heart him just because of his faith. Two things: 1) He's not the only Christian to play professional sports nor is he the only one to give thanks to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the end of every game and 2) What're ya'll going to do when he's caught in the backseat of a car with a hooker and a straw up his nose? 

4) My computer got a makeover the other day!

Eddie and I have the exact same laptop.  His was black; mine was blue.  Karis cracked the cover on his.  I wanted a red cover so he took my blue one and put this red one on mine.  Then I told him that my computer, phone, and camera were all "Razorback red" and he rolled his eyes.

He's no fun.

He also likes Tim Tebow.  We may need to seek marital counseling.

5) This was on a cough drop wrapper from the other day:

Really?  Halls is now giving out "a pep talk in every drop?"

6) This poor ornament is pretty much representative of my entire tree right now:

7) Storme has been in town the past couple of nights.  She and I went to On the Border then did a little bit of shopping on Tuesday night. 

OTB is quickly becoming our place.  The margaritas are strong, the staff is friendly and, of course, the food is delish.

That was Tuesday night.  Last night we had a Wrapping Party on my living room floor.  We also invited our friends Smirnoff and Christmas Vacation.  I think, when Storme originally decided to bring all our stuff to Memphis for help with the wrapping, she thought she'd be getting someone who could do perfect corners and not waste a single inch of paper.  Ha!  Shoulda gone to my mom's house for that.  No.  Half her presents look like a five-year-old wrapped them.  Oh, who am I kidding?  She can't wrap either -- ALL of her presents look like a five-year-old wrapped them.

8) My kids put together their gingerbread house yesterday.

When I say the kids did it, I mean the kids did it!  It was completely kid constructed.

Then one kid tried to destruct it.

She had been coloring at the kitchen table.  Or so I thought.  I walked in and realized she'd pulled her baby stroller over to the counter and used it to climb up.  She was shoveling frosting and candy in her mouth when I caught her.

9) Jaidan is so totally into Christmas this year.  More than ever before.  He is like a miniature Buddy the Elf.  It's cute and I love it but, at the same time, I don't think I'm going to miss the "OHMYGOSHTHREEMOREDAYS!" gushing we have all day every day.

10) I'm giving away some digital scrapbooking software!  Check it out here and leave a comment to enter the giveaway.
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