It Happened This Week


So this morning I turned on Super Why to babysit my kids and then changed my Facebook profile to the new "timeline" feature.

Oh my gawww.

I love it.  I realize that makes me sound super lame to talk about loving a social media feature.  But, ya'll, I do!  It was so neat to look back at, say, when I found out Karis was a girl back in late 2009 and read all the comments on my post.  Totally got sucked in.  My whole life, the past few years, is right THERE.  On Facebook!  Technology, ya'll . . .

Anyway.  Last nigiht, we had plans to take the kids to Starry Nights.  It's a big light show and, even though this is our third Christmas here, we've yet to view it.  Last night I realized why.  Cars were backed up for miles.  Miles.  Like, I have a feeling it would have taken a good two hours just to get into the park.  Voluntarily sitting in a traffic jam just so we could pay $20 for our children to experience the magic of Christmas?  No thanks. 

Instead we headed over to check out a house that's been on the news a few times lately.  I know these things -- lights set to music -- are becoming pretty popular.  But it's still pretty magical, no?  We even got the Big Grinch of the family to smile and think it was really cool.  The kiddos were mesmerized (well two of them were -- one was sleeping and the big one is an eleven year old girl. 'Nuff said).  It was awesome.  And free! 

It also reminded me of when I was a kid, in Arkansas, and a man named Jennings Osborne was sued by his neighbors because his display of one million Christmas lights caused traffic congestion in the neighborhood.  He responded by, like, tripling the number of lights.  It was eventually shut down (freaking Arkansas scrooges) and now the family funds a light display at Disney.  Good for them. 

Our week:

Sunday 12/11:

Monday 12/12:

Tuesday 12/13:

Wednesday 12/14:

Thursday 12/15:

Friday 12/16:

Saturday 12/17:

And, I don't have the pictures ready to go, but here's what we did for our 25 Days of Christmas activities this week:
Sunday we made reindeer hats and watched The Flight Before Christmas.
Monday we made paper plate/ handprint Santa Clauses
Tuesday we made Chocolate Covered Christmas Cookies
Wednesday we read Gingerbread Baby and made gingerbread men (cookies and construction paper)
Thursday we watched a video message from Santa and went to visit Santa
Friday we we talked about the true meaning of Christmas and made a Baby Jesus craft
Saturday we talked more about the true meaning of Christmas, made an angel craft, and looked at lights
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