Thursday Things


1) Have you seen the new Verizon Walking in a 4G Wonderland commercial?  If you happen to, I dunno, be yelling at a few kids and trying to pick up toys when it's on the boob tube then there's a chance you COULD look up in shock thinking they're actually singing "walking in an orgy wonderland."  Not that I know from experience or anything.

2) Thanks to last week's Spooky Halloween lunch, my kids are now demanding "fun" lunches.  See what happens when you go above and beyond in the world of parenting?  Sheesh.  So a few days ago I made these sammiches.  Know what they are?
They are Mater Mouth sandwhiches!
They began as monster mouths but Jaidan thought they looked like Mater.
Mater Mouth sammiches for the win!

3) The current favorite song in my house:
My kids love them some Michael Jackson!  (Though Kyan argues with me that Mish-ell Jack Son is a girl).  When I was their age, I did too.  So I guess it runs in the blood.

Speaking of music, though, I'm trying to turn them onto who I consider to be one of the greatest singers of all time.  James Taylor.  Fire and Rain, How Sweet it is, Sweet Baby James . . . so far, they're giving me their "wtf" faces whenever I play his music but I know it won't take long and I'll convert them. 

4) I swear if I hear the words "Can we get that Mommy?" one more time I AM GOING TO SCREAM.  Already over that part of the holidays.
5) It's a little later in the year than normal, but our leaves are finally changing in the mid-south!  I'm sure it's nowhere near as pretty as our neighbors to the east but it's still so lovely to see this time of year.  I took some pictures while we were on our walk the other morning.  They were taken with my phone so, of course, nowhere near as pretty as the leaves actually are.

6) My three-year-old starts every sentence with "Actually."  It cracks me up.  "Actually, Mommy, I want eggs for breakfast."  "Actually, I want to take a bath."  "Actually, Jaidan just hit me."

7) I took all three kids - by myself - to a basketball game Z was cheering at on Monday.  I will never do that again.  All three kids plus me.  I had to schlepp all of them to the bathroom no less than four times.  I took my tablet to keep the boys occupied (one had the tablet; the other had my phone) but I had to keep plying Karis with Halloween candy during the second half of the second game.  I'm such a great mom.

8) This stuff:

is the shit.
I realize it's margarine and you butter snobs may be tempted to thumb your nose at it.  Do not make that mistake.  It is 98 cents worth of pure pumpkin love.

I used it yesterday morning to make "pumpkin pie oatmeal."  Added brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice and oh larrrrdy.  Such good stuff.

9) I seriously want to PUNCH IN THE FACE anyone who defends Joe Paterno.  Seriously.  I love football just as much as the next person.  You all know that.  But the legacy of a football team basically means shit when compared to the innocence of a child.  I don't wish Joe Paterno the best.  I wish he would be indicted.

10) Daylight Savings Time STILL has my kids messed up.  At least one of them (*ahem* we call him Rooster for a reason) has been up by 6:30 every morning since Sunday.  6:30.  At the latest.  And considering I keep putting them to bed at their pre-DST time and they're waking up about an hour and a half early . . . well, my days mostly suck. 

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