Punkin' Patchin'


Last year, we took the kids to a pumpkin patch/ farm in north Mississippi.  It's like the perfect all-in-one pumpkin patch meets playground meets petting zoo for city kids.  They also make you pay for anyone over the age of one and, while it's worth it, it's still hard to put down nearly $60 for a family of six to go play on a farm for a day.  I mean, growing up I played on a farm for free.  Every single day.  And I didn't have to pay extra for lunch or another $2 per person to ride on a pony for 45 seconds.

Plus, in September my kids went to the beach. 
And to Dallas. 
And to Michigan and to Chicago.
Travel in September = broke in October = roadside pumpkin "patches" in October.

Plus, I'd rather spend that $60 on admission for me to go to the Hogs game this Saturday.  Wait, what?  Selfish?  Huh?

I'm assuming there are tons of Ameicans who trek to pumpkin patches every year to pick out the perfect pumpkin.  I am not one of these.  Our yearly pilgrimidge serves one purpose and one purpose only.  PHOTO OP.

Trying to get three kids to take a decent picture -- especially when surrounded by pumpkis and gourds and other fun things they don't see every day -- is an Olympic feat.  Like, seriously, they should make this a sport.  We hit two pumpkin "patches" last week -- one roadside, another at the local farmer's market.  Here are a few of the pics from these outings:

What a little turd!

Believe it or not, those are the best group pictures from two days worth of pumpkin patching!  Two days!  And those are the best pictures.

We did get a few individual shots, though, including this one of my Rooster who usually makes it a point to either never smile for the camera or give me the goofiest face possible:

Awwww . . .

That smile from that little chicken legged boy . . . that smile from that little chicken legged boy who NEVER gives a genuine smile when the camera is in front of his face . . . all worth it.  But I'd still love to have a decent group shot!
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