It Happened This Week. And The Week Before That.


On Sunday mornings, my local radio station plays "Back Tracks USA" with music from the 90's.  I feel pretty bipolar about this. On the one hand, I LOVE music from the 90's.  Hello!  That was my decade, ya'll.  On the other, I don't really appreciate 90's music being referred to as back tracks.  After all, there was still a year or two left of the 90's when I graduated from high school.  The music from that era should not be included in any kind of oldies.  Sheesh.
Anyway.  P365 pics from the past two weeks.  Only two more months and another year of P365 will be over and done with.  Wowww.

Sunday 10/16:

Monday 10/17:
Do you ever take a picture and think "awww, that one is really cute" and it's not until after you go to post it on Facebook that you realize that people might think it's weird that your kid's dresser doesn't have any handles on the drawers?
Note to self: Home Depot.  Drawer pulls.

Tuesday 10/18:

Wednesday 10/19:

Thursday 10/20:
I also have pictures of both boys in the sink, admiring themselves in the mirror, both of them right around this age.  Awwww.

Friday 10/21:

Saturday 10/22:

Sunday 10/23:

Monday 10/24:
I bought this shirt in Vegas when Eddie and I went for our belated honeymoon in late 2008.  I bought it for Jaidan.  It's now made it's way through all three kids.

Tuesday 10/25:
I have been making eyeball cookies since I worked After School, pre-kids and pre-husband.  I love Halloween and making stuff like this! 

Wednesday 10/26:

Thursday 10/27:

Friday 10/28:

Saturday 10/29:

What you can't see from this pic is that it was taken approxomately 15 seconds after they re-enacted Mike Tyson/ Evander Holyfield.  Boys.

And that was the past two weeks!  We'll kick off this next week by making these chocolate shortbread bars and maybe, even though it would be against my better judgement, heading out to a Trunk or Treat tonight.
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