It Happened This Week


I still cannot wrap my head around this shooting, this tragedy, in Connecticut.  I'm assuming it's because I have a six-year-old myself that this feels so personal.  I can't help but think about the room in my house that's full of presents that were expressly picked for one little particular little boy.  They were picked with love because I could imagine, I could see, the joy on his face when he ripped into them on Christmas morning.  And then I can't help but think that in attics and basements and closets and storage rooms in Newtown, Connecticut, there are presents picked with the same love.  Presents that will never be opened because those sweet babies will be spending Christmas in Heaven this year. 

It just kills me - it physically hurts - to think about what the parents of these precious babies are going through.  Instead of planning Christmas with last minute visits to Santa Claus, drinking hot chocolate while watching Polar Express, reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas . . . these parents are planning the funerals for their babies. The world is cruel and unfair.

When my stepdaughter came home from school Friday afternoon, she proclaimed it to be the "saddest day ever."  Memphis, just like the rest of the country, was reeling from the Connecticut shootings, but also from the death of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty.  Hitting even closer to home, she was the mother of four.  Two of her daughters attend school with Z, one is in her grade and she described her as a friend.  It was a heartbreaking day for their school.  Not only that, but this -- this school shooting -- it was her Columbine.  She will always remember that she was in the seventh grade when it happened.  She'll always remember that it was the day her friend's mom was killed while serving a seach warrant.  Friday was a somber day in our house.

A little look at our week:
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