It Happened This Week


This was, like, the fastest week ever.  And we didn't even have anything going on.  This next week?  There is literally something every single day.  We still haven't made a trip to a pumpkin patch for the year and I'm trying to figure out how we're going to fit it in and . . . I'm drawing a blank.  Do I have to relinquish my claim on any Mom of the Year-ness if my kids don't make it to the pumpkin patch?  Are you going to judge me?  Are you guys going to talk about me behind my back?!?

Anyway.  A look at our week:

I follow quite a few of couponing blogs -- more like I catch their updates on Facebook.  Several always post various deals and follow the deal up with "would be great for a gift closet!!"  Know why people get a gift closet?  So that when their kids get invited over for "cake and ice cream" approxomately half an hour before "cake and ice cream" time, they have something to throw in a gift bag to give the "cake and ice cream" child.  New Years Resolution 2013: Start a gift closet.
Yeah, the date is wrong on these first two pictures.
Too lazy to correct.
Yep, we voted!
I posted on Facebook that I voted so everyone coould just, you know, STOP with the political posts.  THEY ARE NOT LISTENING. 
Also, shortly after I posted I was reminded of the electoral collage and since I live in a deeply blue state, my vote probably didn't really matter all that much anyway.  SAD FACE.
(Yes, I voted for the POTUS and, yes, I am a bleeding heart liberal).

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