Coast to Coast 2012: Grand Canyon!


I didn't post much (any at all really) about our trip going to California.  But that's because the most exciting thing about it was we were so far south in Texas that I pointed to the kids and said, "Hey look, that's Mexico."  Oh, and we went through two border checks.  And in one of them the border guard was kinda hot but my husband rolled his eyes when I pulled out a "how YOU doin'" in my best Joey Tribiani voice.

But the ride home . . . the first half of the ride home . . . was much more exciting.  The second half of the ride home took us through Amarillo and Oklahoma City and Little Rock and I won't be writing anymore than THAT about it.

We left California Saturday morning and were VEGAS bound.  Eddie spent several years there growing up and wanted to take the kids through his old stomping grounds.  We also had every intention of taking the kids to the strip until we came to our senses and realized that it was a SATURDAY in the SUMMER and that it would take us approxomately 23903249 hours to get to the strip and then equally as long to find parking.  (Not to mention the fact that I get all indignant and red-faced and "wtf" when I see people with their children on the Vegas strip).  So, in the end, the kids got the "Daddy Tour" of the city, had the strip pointed out to them, and then we stopped at Del Taco (much to the chagrin of two assholes in the backseat who wanted Taco Bell EVEN THOUGH WE CAN EAT THAT AT HOME [seriously, I'm going to have to work on the whole you don't eat shit you can eat at home when you're on vacation thing with them]) for lunch and to see my friend Casey who was also in Sin City.

After leaving Vegas we made a stop at the Hoover Dam.  I was amazed at the beauty of Lake Mead.  This is a seriously gorgeous lake.  I live in Tennessee where lakes and rivers alike are muddy and brown and kind of gross and the thought of swimming in the lakes around here conjures up thoughts of ecoli.  And that's the NICEST thought it conjures.

Eddie and I were all "HOOVER DAM!  HELL YEAH!" and the kids were all like, "it's so hot!" and "what's a damn?" and "this is booooring!"  95% of this trip was awesome and amazing and wonderful.  The 5% that sucked was the attitudes of 3/4 of the backseat when we were at Hoover Damn.
Nice pic with the trash can there!

We ended up driving to Flagstaff, Arizona, that evening because the next day's destination was the GRAND CANYON.

I had never been before.  And you know what?  The Grand Canyon was everything I thought it would be.  Beautiful.  Breathtaking.  Amazing.  

The ONLY family pic we got the whole trip!

The Grand Canyon should be on everybody's bucket list!
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