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I'll be back to telling all the nitty gritty on our trip tomorrow.  For now, though, a little bit of what's been going on.  And, I mean, I've been gone on a 10-day trip so it's not like you don't already know but whatever.

We got home Wednesday afternoon and it's been like a whirlwind since then.  We're leaving again on Thursday to begin our trip to California (sidenote[ish] here for a moment: I know a lot of people don't tell all of Blog Land when they're leaving for vacation.  But.  I plan to post pictures to Instagram.  And Facebook, of course, but if we're Facebook friends then I already trust you enough to not rob me blind.  Or I don't think you're smart enough to figure out my address.  ANYWAY.  The point of all this is that my hubs' godparents always stay at our house when we're out of town.  So I don't worry anymore about someone breaking in and stealing all of my yard sale treasures than I would if I were home.  You know?  Also, please note that I said yard sale treasures.  Kthanksbye).  What kind of dumbass plans two back-to-back halfway across the country trips with small children in tow?  Oh wait.  THIS dumbass.

The past few days have been spent cleaning house, grocery shopping, dealing with two puny kids, washing clothes, and, oh yeah, falling down the stairs (!!!!!!).  Have you ever laid in a heap at the bottom of the stairs praying, praying, praying that whatever hurting wasn't broken?  Luckily, I'm just bruised up but that little tumble

I've also been doing some Disney research.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute, huh?  This will be the kids' first trip to Disney and mine as well so I want to know as much as possible before going on.  I found the website Couponing to Disney in my research.  You guys.  This lady uses coupon savings, loose change, things of that nature to fund her trips to Disney.  She also has a blog that has 88,000 Facebook likes (I didn't stalk, I swear, it's right there on her blog) and quite a few ads.  So I'm going to assume she's raking in some Disney money with blog income as well.  YOU GUYS.  I totally just need to find 87,850 more followers and maybe *I* can use my blog to fund my way to Disney every year too!  Seriously.  I think this lady is genius and I'm way jealous of her.  And I sincerely appreciate all the info I found on her blog. 
On with the pictures!

Sunday 6/10:

Monday 6/11:

Tuesday 6/12:

Wednesday 6/13:

Thursday 6/14:

Friday 6/15:

Saturday 6/16:

Sunday 6/17:

Monday 6/18:

Tuesday 6/19:

Wednesday 6/20:

Thursday 6/21:

Friday 6/22:

Saturday 6/23:

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