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So tomorrow is the unofficial beginning of summer but it's kind of anticlimatic considering it's felt like summer for over a month now.  We really have no plans.  It would be a good weekend to have a boat.  Or a lakehouse.  Or friends with a boat.  Or friends with a lakehouse.  (So friends could pay for said boat and/or lakehouse and we could just . . . mooch).  The hubs briefly considered BBQ'ing but I think he's given up that idea.  As of right now, our only plan is to find a pool and some food.

We're leaving for Virginia in two weeks.  When we get back, we'll have just a little over a week to get ready to leave for California.  So, since we're basically going to be gone for a month I'm thinking the next two weeks will be completely chill.  Lot's of playing with the water hose, lots of ice cream, and quite possibly probably almost certainly lots of being lazy.

Here's a look at the past two weeks:

Sunday 5/13:
This was the best picture we could manage to get for Mother's Day.  Yay.

Monday 5/14:

Tuesday 5/15:

Wednesday 5/16:

Thursday 5/17:

Friday 5/18:
These two ride in a double stroller for our morning (which have as of yesterday, thanks to the weather, turned into evening) walks.  When we turn back onto our street at the end of the walk, they both insist on walking.  I get it from Kyan -- he's four and probably too old for the stroller anyway.  But WHY does my baby have to be SO BIG?

Saturday 5/19:

Sunday 5/20:
Cheyenne is my cousin's daughter.  She is the oldest great granddaughter and Karis is the youngest.  I can remember when Cheyenne was Kare Bear's age and it kind of kills me to see pictures like this one.  It seems like it was just.yesterday. that I was making her "fly" on my feet. 

Monday 5/21:
Yeah, this is not annoying at all.  :/

Tuesday 5/22:

Wednesday 5/23:
Furthering his reputation as an old man trapped in the body of a preschooler, Kyan isn't a big fan of swimming or playing in the sprinklers.  I know.  I don't get it either.  Jaidan ran in the sprinkler after dinner the other night but Kyan wanted none of it.  So Jaidan decided he was going to MAKE him go play.  Priceless.

Thursday 5/24:

Friday 5/25:

Saturday 5/26:

Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!
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